Difference between innie and outie pussy

Posted 01-18-2021
So in your guys opinion, is innie or outtie pussy better

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Do she have an outie vagina or an innie vagina

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What it means if you have an innie or an outie vagina

If it's cut farther in, it's an innie. Just found this one in the vault. There is no true difference between the two other than their physical appearance. An outie vagina is one that has smaller outer lips than inner lips, which causes the inner lips to be more prominent.

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An outie means it sticks outside a bit.

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Innie vagina vs outie vagina

I hadn't even really had any experience with my vagina or talking about my vagina. Nearly everyone is born as an outie, since the cord is connected to the outside of your body when you're baking.