1. What is a crumb?

A crumb is a post that you can create and leave on the map at any time. With it you can reach other users in your neighborhood.

  1. How to create MY own crumb?

To add a new crumb just tap the „+” button in the lower, right-hand corner of the map. Alternatively, you can swipe up starting from that button to reveal the map menu. Pick the option “create a new crumb” to create your own crumb.

  1. What can i embed in my crumb?

A crumb lets you share your moments with others around you. Pick a catchy title for your crumb for it to stand out from the crowd. Then add a text, take a picture or choose one from your album. Tell others what’s up, show them that great party you are on, leave a note for your friend or meet new friends. All of that thanks to Crumbler.

  1. Can others see my live location?

No, they can’t. No need to worry. Others can only see the location of your crumbs. Just like breadcrumbs from fairy tales, they only indicate your location at the moment of dropping them (creating a new crumb).

  1. How long is a crumb visible on the map?

The expiration time of your crumb can be specified by adjusting a slider while creating it. The lifetime of a crumb ranges from 1 hour up to 24 hours. After that the crumb turns “expired” and is no longer visible on the map. After that it can be accessed from the list of your crumbs. No longer than one week after expiring, the crumb is deleted from our database.

  1. What is the meaning of a crumb’s color?

On the map, crumbs are represented by icons of variable colors. Your crumbs are orange. Regular crumbs of other users are indicated by gray icons. After following a user, their crumbs turn green on the map. Pink crumbs are the private ones, that are send either to you or a group of recipients that includes you.

  1. How can i know who can see a crumb?

First hint is the color of the crumb’s icon, described in 6. Moreover in the top right corner of the crumb’s window, there’s a special label indicating the crumb’s recipients. Possible options are: “public crumb”, “private crumb” (when the only users who can see it are the author and a sole recipient) or “multiple recipients” (when that crumb is not public but is sent to more than one recipient).

  1. Where can i find all of my crumbs?

To view a list of your own crumbs, go to your profile site. Then swipe up on it to display the list. Still active crumbs that you dropped on the map are highlighted by an orange color.

  1. How to follow others?

To start following another user tap on the “face” icon either on the page of that user’s crumb or on their profile page. Orange color of the icon indicates that the user is already followed by you.

  1. Jak Przestać obserwować użytkownika?

To stop following a user tap on the “face” icon either on the page of that user’s crumb or on their profile page. White color of the icon indicates that the user is no longer followed by you.

  1. Why should i follow someone?

Following another user gives you option to view their profile and his crumbs wherever you are. Thanks to this you can be always up-to-date with their content regardless of whether they are in your neighborhood or not. Moreover you’ll be notified any time that user posts a new crumb.

  1. Where can i view my followers?

To view the list of your followers, just visit your profile page. Tap the “face” icon with an arrow to it in the top right corner to show the list. The number next to the icon represents the number of your followers.

  1. Can i delete a crumb?

You can delete your crumb whenever you like. You can do that by tapping on the “trash can” icon on the crumb’s page or by swiping left the crumbs cell on a list and then clicking a similar icon.

  1. How can i view / edit my profile?

To open your profile page, go to the sidebar. From the side menu tap on your profile picture to present your profile page. From there you can view or edit (for e-mail and password users only) your profile picture, connect Crumbler with other social networks, view a list of your followers as well as a list of all of your crumbs.

  1. How to change / add a new profile picture?

Users registered by means of an e-mail address and password can change or add their own profile picture by tapping on the thumbnail of their current profile picture on their profile page.

  1. How to add my snapchat/instagram?

To share your profile from other social networks just tap on the field on the right to the chosen social network’s icon on your profile page. This will enter the edit mode of the chosen field and let you specify your nickname.

  1. What are the groups of crumbs?

To make the map more organized, Crumbler automatically creates groups of crumbs whenever multiple crumbs are created in a close distance from each other. The digits on top of a group’s icon represent the number of crumbs inside. Colors on the border of a group icon represent the types of crumbs that are inside that group.

  1. How can i view crumbs inside a group?

To view crumbs inside a group just tap and hold its icon. This will show you a list of crumbs embedded in it. Alternatively, you can quick tap on the group to zoom in on the map to the point when the crumbs get distant enough from each other for the group to break into single crumbs.

  1. How can i invite my friends to crumbler?

To help our family grow and receive bonus points, go to the section “Invite friends” in the side menu. Apart from the built-in options to share your referral code, you can send it to your friends by any media. After completing the registration process, invited users will have to enter that code in order for you to receive bonus points.

  1. What are the bonus points?

Bonus points, visible in the top left corner of your profile picture in the side menu, represent the number of users that created their accounts using your referral code. The more points you have the longer you’ll be able to use a premium account for free. The premium account will be introduced to Crumbler with an update 2.0 scheduled to be released in the first half of 2018.

  1. Can i repeat the tutorial?

Of course . You will find the option to replay the tutorial in the “settings” section in the sidebar menu.

  1. How can i change properties of the map?

Additional options for the map you can find in the map menu. You can access the map menu by swiping up, on the map, beginning from the “+” button (the animated arrow suggests the gesture you should make with your finger).

  1. How to delete my account?

You can delete your account along with all your content in the “settings” section.