Rediscover your neighborhood.

Look around. There's so much to discover. Crumbler let's you stay in touch with people nearby and explore cool things happening around you.

Meet Crumbler

The app that lets you see what's going on around you, meet new friends, rediscover your favourite places and share your amazing moments with people in your neighborhood.

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    Shoot a photo. Drop a crumb.

    Connect with people around you by dropping your crumb on the map. Shoot a photo of your amazing moments and reach people nearby.

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    Explore your neighborhood.

    View other users' crumbs to see what's going on around you. Find out about cool events, interesting places and meet new friends living in your neighborhood.

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    Revisit your favourite places.

    Rediscover your favourite bars, pubs, restaurants and other venues in the city. Just look around and see what they have to offer for dropping a crumb inside.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a crumb?

Crumb is a post that you can create and leave on the map at any time. With it you can reach other users in your neighborhood. View the map to see crumbs dropped around you. You can also follow users' profiles to see their crumbs even if they are not around you.

How to create my own crumb?

To add a new crumb just tap the „+” button in the lower part of the map. Shoot a photo or add one from your album, edit it to your liking and you are good to go.

What can i embed in my crumb?

If you see something interesting just shoot a photo or pick one from your photo album. Then you can edit the image by adding a text, emojis, doodles, applying filters or tagging your friends.

Can others see my live location?

No, they can’t. No need to worry. Others can only see the location of your crumbs. Just like breadcrumbs from fairy tales, they only indicate your location at the moment of dropping them (creating a new crumb).

How long is a crumb visible on the map?

he expiration time of your crumb can be specified by adjusting a slider while creating it. The lifetime of a crumb ranges from 1 hour up to 24 hours. After that the crumb turns “expired” and is no longer visible on the map but you can still view it on a profile page's map for a week.

What is the meaning of a crumb’s color?

On the map, crumbs are represented by icons of variable colors. Your crumbs are blue. Regular crumbs of other users are indicated by gray icons. After following a user, their crumbs turn green on the map. Pink crumbs are the private ones, that are send either to you or a group of recipients that includes you.

Where can i find all of my crumbs?

Your existing crumbs can be viewed through your profile page (left icon on the bottom menu). There is a map with location of your recent crumbs.

What happens if I follow someone's profile?

Following another user gives you option to view their profile and his crumbs wherever you are. Thanks to this you can be always up-to-date with their content regardless of whether they are in your neighborhood or not. Moreover you’ll be notified any time that user posts a new crumb.

Where can I view my followers?

You can view both your followers and users you follow via your profile page. Right below your name and surname there are two buttons. Tap one of them to see the respective list of users.

Can I delete a crumb?

You can delete your crumb whenever you like. Just tap the "dots" button in the upper right corner of the crumb's view to reveal the options. Then choose 'delete' from the list.

How to change / add a new profile picture?

Users registered by means of an e-mail address and password can change or add their own profile picture by tapping on the thumbnail of their current profile picture on their profile page. The same option is available through a list revealed after tapping the '...' button in the bottom menu of your profile page.

Can i repeat the tutorial?

You can repeat the tutorial as many times as you want. Just click the "Repeat the tutorial" button in settings (right icon in the bottom menu).

What are the groups of crumbs?

To make the map more organized, Crumbler automatically creates groups of crumbs whenever multiple crumbs are created in a close distance from each other. The digits on top of a group’s icon represent the number of crumbs inside. Colors on the border of a group icon represent the types of crumbs that are inside that group.

What are 'venues'?

Since version 1.3 Crumbler displays venues on the map. These are popular places like bars, cinemas, restaurants in your neighborhood. If you are a business owner you can add your own venue to Crumbler. Just visit your profile page, tap "venues" on the mini-map and click "add a new venue" or the "+" button.

What can I do with the venues?

When your app is running in background and you stop near a place available in crumbler, you'll be notified with the message provided by the venue's owner. It can be an info about a new menu, interesting event happening in the place or a nice discount for dropping a crumb in the venue.

How can I drop a crumb in a venue?

Whenever you are inside a supported venue and try to create a new crumb, the app will automatically suggest dropping the crumb inside a venue. Places like pubs or bars usually offer something in exchange for that! After accepting the crumb it will be accessible through the venue's icon rather than a standalone crumb icon on the map.

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